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We consider ourselves the West Bank's church. Founded upon the history of Gretna Presbyterian, Gretna Covenant Church is known as a place where you feel at home as though it has always been your church. Our desire is to be the place where the West Bank can come serve and be served.


Our desire is to remain Doctrinally correct, evangelistically minded and intentional about building relationships in our lives. We strive to "know Christ better and make Christ known."


Our community of believers is denominationally diverse. Furthermore, it is constantly growing and would love to have more ages represented in the community.. 

Apostolic: We believe the authority of the Bible is supreme in all matters of faith, doctrine, and conduct, and it is to be trusted.

Catholic: The word catholic literally means universal. This means we understand ourselves to be a part of the church global.


Reformational: Like reformers of the 16th century, we believe that Christians are saved by faith in Christ’s sacrifice and no works are required.

Pietistic: In the 17th century, the church covenanted to a life that is personally connected to Jesus Christ, a reliance on the Holy Spirit, and a call to service in the world. In essence, we are saved from Hell and for God’s Glory.


Evangelical: Coming from the word εὐαγγέλιον, which means good news, we pledge to fulfill Christ’s command to evangelize the world.

Diverse: The church is a family of equals: there is fellowship between genders, ethnicities, ages, and social economic strata, for all are one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28).

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