Rev. Stan L'Hoste

Stan and his wife, Molly, grew up right here in New Orleans, and both came to know Christ through an organization called Young Life.  They both volunteered with Young Life throughout college at LSU, and moved back home in 2008 when Molly was called to serve as Area Director for Young Life here on the West Bank. Stan has remained a volunteer for the organization for over 20 years. 

Stan taught high school and elementary art and worked in the business world before being called to serve in the church in 2013.  He was on staff at Canal St. Church, before coming here to GCC in 2015. In addition to serving as Interim Pastor at GCC, Stan still leads Young Life and coaches soccer at Thomas Jefferson High School in Gretna. He also spends his time painting and writing music in his band.  


Mrs. Ann Thompson - Chair of the Elder Board

Dr. Darryl Ferrington 

Mrs. Molly L'Hoste

Mrs. Rachel Mekdessie

Mrs. Shirley Johnson

Mr. Fred Combs


(Our elders serve on a 3 year rotation.)