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The congregation of Gretna Covenant has been ministering to the area for over 100 years. Though our doctrine remains the same, we strive to keep our ministries up to date and relevant to the West Bank's current needs.

Sunday Worship Service

Every Sunday from 10:30am to 11:30am


Our primary ministry comes in the form of our Sunday worship service. Come as you are. We are not a formally dressed church, in fact Mario often wears blue jeans and funky socks for service!


Also if you don't have a Bible just ask, we've got one we'd love to give to you. 

Community Groups

We are a congregation that studies God's Word so that we can apply God's Word. In these groups we pray for each other and share life together.


Sundays - 9am

Wednesdays - 7pm 

Family Ministries

We are striving to grow our church through young families. As new families join, we start new ministries specific to their needs. If your family has a specific ministerial need please let us know!


Nursery for Sunday Worship (0-5yrs) 




Missions Ministries

As a small church we are unable to fulfill all the needs of the community by ourselves. Thus we have partnered with several ministries so that we can be ministers in all areas of need. 

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